Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tired of the same old excuses

Another post from me telling white liberals how to be. Hey, some people charge money for this sh*t. For you, this one is free.

This is a repost from a comment I made here:

Thank you Dr. Pierce.

I absolutely agree with you. I have to say though, I am beyond tired of the same old excuses. There really should be no more excuses... It's time for white liberals to stop making excuses for themselves around racism.

No more "but we have a black president"

No more "I grew up in a latino neighborhood, I understand what it's like.

"No more "I'm a gay man, I experience more oppression than African Americans and Hispanics"

No more "I don't know why you are so angry, what did i ever do to you?"

No more "I'm done being Politically Correct, I just want to be myself"

No more PC. I believe that Political Correctness was made up by white people to alleviate their guilt, and is being rejected by the same white people because it has become inconvenient.

I have a lot of white friends who get it. They do their work, they are accountable and self aware and not afraid of owning their privilege and using it for the greater good of all. It's not that hard once you let go of the fear of messing up sometimes and OWNing it all of the time.

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