Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spontaneous No on 8 march last night

I went to the candle light vigil at Civic Center tonight. There seemed to be about 2,000 people there. Maybe more. I hung out in the back and couldn't hear much at all, but people were very high spirited and responding very enthusiastically to the different speakers. I couldn't see very well who was speaking. After the rally, a bunch of us (maybe a few hundred) took to the streets and walked with signs and candles to the Castro. We blocked traffic on Market St. We chanted and tried to get folks to march with us. There were definitely more people marching the closer we got to Castro. We ended up in the intersectoin of 18th and Castro and chanted and cheered and eventually dispersed.

Call me greedy, but I wanted more people to follow us. Like in Rocky II. I wanted us to be the homo pied pipers and have everyone drop what they were doing to follow. Spilling out of Martunis with their cocktails, bringing the Mint out to the streets with covers of "I Will Survive" and I wanted us all to end it all with a spiral dance or a sleep in in the middle of 18th and Castro. Although that would have been even cooler at Civic Center. But blocking traffic on Market felt like a really good thing.

Where are all of the queer brujos y brujas? Let's get some street ritual going...

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